If you are a prospective tenant interested in renting a home, here is what we need done and a list of items we will need setting you up as a new tenant.

  • Go to and run the report that costs $29.95  This provides a credit check, background check and eviction history if any. 
  • Next get us a copy of your driver’s license please.  You can either text a copy to (913) 219-9221 or email a copy as well to
  • We need a copy of your bank statement proving income or a copy of recent pay stubs to verify employment and income.

Please be advised we do an extensive background check on everyone but no decisions are based on sex, race or religious affiliation.  As a general rule of thumb you need to have good credit, we do make exceptions for medical conditions.  Please also understand I am simply a property manager and I have to make the best offers I can to the property owners in the fastest way possible.  This means if you find a house you like with us I recommend you move fast because homes go quickly and verification and approval can be as fast as an hour with proper documents provided.


How Rent is paid:
We will provide you with a business bank account # at Bank of America, there are locations everywhere and they are open on Saturday as well. 


What about security depost? 
We are the property manager hold your security deposit, then ensures you get it back in a timely fashion after your move out and inspection is complete.  We have had a couple issue with property owners giving it back in the past and this takes care of that problem.  It’s your money you deserve to get it back quick assuming the house is left the same condition it was entered.