If you are new to being a property owner or a landlord congratulations and let us put our experience to work for you.  If you are unaware how to set up your LLC, get your EIN # and get your business bank account going and then allow us to help navigate you in the right direction.  Most of our clients have been people originally trying to sell their home, somehow stumbled across us and ended up getting several hundred dollars more each month than they ever expected they could.  As your future property manager, I can relate to the position that you are in as I own rental properties too so I know your fears, frustrations yet also all the great things about having investment properties. 


Tax Savings

The tax savings alone is something to get excited for and I can tell you as a property manager no matter where the housing prices are rent just keeps steadily creeping higher over time.  You would be surprised to learn most of our tenants if not all of them have great credit scores, enough income to afford a house but are not quite in the right position to be buying a home at this time. 


Common Misunderstandings

It’s a common misunderstanding that people who “could” always do so…that’s not the case at all.  Lots of people are saving money or simply waiting to see where they land long term because making a life changing decision like buying a house is a big life decision.


So for all future landlords let me explain some basic processes and steps we provide to help you find a good, honest, respectable & reliable tenant.

  • Credit check and background check.  It takes discipline, honesty and willingness to follow your word and good credit is reflective of that.
  • Income verification, all potential tenants must provide proof of income so we know for certain they can in fact afford monthly rent.
  • Background checks.  Most state like Kansas and Missouri make it easy to do background checks on would be tenants, this is crucial because most felonies and convictions will prevent securing a home.  Our #1 priority is the safety of your home and your neighbors.

Once all this has been successfully completed you are well on your way to finding a good tenant who will most likely take great care of your home and pay rent on time.  Our fee’s are only $50 a month and half of the 1st months’ rent as a finders fee.