Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manage all types of properties?

Yes! Big or small we do it all.

I’m scared about renting my property if something bad happens.

With any great reward there is always risk, but we take all precautions to minimize the risk to you by diligent screening.

How much do you charge?

$50 a month management fee, 1/2 of 1st months rent as a finding fee.

I’m facing foreclosure, can you help me?

Yes we can! Rent your home for a couple of years. Get back on your feet and when you are ready move back in your home. Don’t give up on life and your home. You should never just give up and walk away.

How much money can I make?

I can’t tell you that until I know your full situation. But what I can tell you is that rental rates are rising and that is good for any landlord.

Will my bank allow me to rent my home?

This is something we should talk about in person or over the phone. Each bank has it’s own rules. But I can tell you there there are thousands of people renting their homes with out their banks knowing anything.

What if my tenant does not pay?

That’s why screening is so important. People are creatures of habit. Good people usually stay good, and dishonest people usually leave a trail of deceit and lies which we will find and screen away for you. If they do not pay we evict them, but that usually does not happen when you do your screening homework.

My realtor says I should just sell my house even if it means a loss.

Your realtor does not care for your personal well being, they only want a commission. Why sell low and take a loss? That is just plain bad advice.

What makes Quality Homes different from your competitors?

We know what it is like to own and rent a home. We have many homes we manage and many of us here have and do currently own rental homes ourselves. You can’t teach what you don’t know and we have the personal experience to treat you the same way we want ourselves to be treated. You benefit from our experience.

How do I get started?

Call, email and one of our agents will come to your home to give you a full assessment. It is best if we meet in person, that way we can see your home and get a better view of the big picture.