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Representing homes in and around the Olathe Kansas area, Robert and his team tend to your every need as a tenant and/or as a landlord. Check out our many Google reviews from happy tenants and landlords.

Keeping your home safe

When we meet people thinking about renting out their home the number one concern most people...

Keep your home safe in Olathe

Finding good renters

From a property manager perspective now is the best time I have ever seen for finding people...

Finding good renters in Olathe

Tax Advantage

There are so many great tax advantages from renting out your home. You get to depreciate it...

Tax advantages for renting your home

Find a home to rent

Finding the perfect home to rent for you and your famiy can be difficult if you don't know...

Find a home to rent in Olathe

Property Management tax info

Quality Home Property Management was started the day I realized I could rent my home better...

Property Management tax information

Common Misperceptions

Renting out my home is risky! Making any bad choice is risky, driving a car is risky but so...

Common misperceptions for renting your home

Why hire a Property Manager?

Hiring a property manager offers significant benefits when you are trying to rent your home. Many people think property managers are expensive, but in reality the cost is very easy to build in and you end up saving money. Another important aspect to consider when renting your home is psychology. This is not always the case but it’s not uncommon to have a landlord with an unfavorable view of a tenant and a tenant who feel like they are being mistreated and neglected. Its kind of how some people get mad at their credit cards instead of their own spending problems. Before you rent your home yourself ask yourself if you are willing to take calls in the evening or late at night? I can tell you as a property manager 80% of the emergency calls or texts I get are in the evening, and you always need to be there if something happens regardless of how busy you are or what you have going on. When a tenants rents a house or condo they do so expecting good living conditions to be provided and maintained. A good property manager ensures this process is smooth eliminating unneeded headaches.